Shear Hazard

A shear hazard exists under the following condition:

1. Where the sliding door when opening or closing passes a fixed object that could cause damage to fingers, hands or a body.

2. Where the gap between the bottom of the door and the finish floor is greater than 10mm or is uneven during the doors full stroke cycle.

Sketch of an automatic door shear hazard.

Methods to safe guard and minimise shear hazard:

1. Adjust the doors fully open door stop to ensure that the 30mm gap is maintained or

2. Fit an additional box section to the door jamb so that the door butts to the jamb instead of overlapping and/or

3. Add flush glazing to intersecting mullions and/or

4. Adjust the door hanger bracket system to lower the door to below a 10mm floor finish gap and or5. Fit guards to the bottom of the door to minimise the gap to below 10mm or to level the gap on uneven floors.

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