Draw in and Finger Trap Hazard

A draw in or finger trap hazard exists under the following conditions:

1. A gap of greater than 8mm between two sliding surfaces is considered likely to allow fingers to be drawn in.

2. Hands are considered safe guarded where the gap between the two sliding surfaces are greater than 20mm.

3. Where attachments are fitted to the door or sidelight such as letter boxes, letter flaps, handles grilles or other surface mounted hardware.

4. A gap of less than 30mm between the fixed door jamb and the leading stile glazed rebate.

Sketch of a door in and finger entrapment hazard.

Methods to safe guard and minimise draw in and finger entrapment hazard:

1. Adjust the framing to eliminate the hazard e.g. add flush glazing: realign door, move and reset the fully open door stop to ensure that the 30mm gap is maintained and/or

2. A barrier profile hard enough to resist the penetration of fingers and/or

3. Replace the framing system with a flush glazed slimline safety framing, or

4. The fitting of a additional presence sensor that shall detect 200mm ahead of the hazard point, this sensor is to be capable of detecting a stationary person for a minimum of 60 seconds.

5. Attachments are required to be removed.

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