Crushing Hazard

A crushing hazard during the closing cycle may exist under the following conditions:

1. Where a single protective safety device is not fitted, i.e. PE cells, presence sensors or mats.

2. Where the absence or restriction of activation sensors creates a large danger zone that is not protected by presence sensors or mats.

3. Where the entrance way is used regularly by elderly, infirmed, disabled persons and young children where the danger zone is not protected by presence sensors or mats.

4. Where the doors closing speed exceeds the safe speed parameters (see AS 5007 for chart).

Sketch of a automatic door crushing hazard.

Methods to safe guard and minimise crushing hazard:

1. The fitting of a protective safety device e.g. PE cells, presence sensors or mats

2. Add presence sensors or mats to applications that have large danger zones or are used by the list of slow moving pedestrians as described in item 3 above.

3. Adjust the closing speed to slow the doors down below the 27J kinetic energy level.

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