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Following our product design guide will help you keep your automatic doors safe and hazard-free for all who pass through them.

Select a topic below for more information and safety instructions.

Draw In and Finger Trap Hazard

You might have a draw in or finger trap hazard if you’re facing a gap of more than 8mm between two sliding surfaces (for fingers) or a gap of more than 20mm (for hands).

Eliminate the hazard with frame adjustments and the addition of another presence sensor to detect someone 200mm ahead.

Head and Body Entrapment Hazard

Any gap in the rear of the sliding door and its adjacent parts less than 200mm can create a trap for both the head and the torso.

Adding presence sensors and safety guard screens can offer a protective barrier to such hazards.

Impact Hazard

An impact hazard may exist if the door fails to activate when someone approaches or fails to open all the way.

You can adjust for this issue by replacing the faulty presence sensor or adding more sensors to compensate.

Fire Escape Requirements

The Building Code of Australia requires that all automatic sliding doors lead directly to a road or open space, be capable of opening manually and contains a failsafe device that automatically unlocks the door during an emergency.

Crushing Hazard

Your occupants face the risk of crushing when your doors open and close too fast or don’t have enough presence sensors.

It’s essential that you adjust the door speed to a safer rate and create large enough “danger zones” on either side of the door.


All automatic doors are required to have an indicator sign (in the form of an arrow) to point out the directions in which both doors move when open, as well as DDA vision strips for people with disabilities when they cross the threshold.

Shear Hazard

Shear hazard exists when the door’s ability to open or close could risk the loss of fingers or limbs for someone passing through.

Fortunately, adjustments can be made to the door jamb and the door hanger bracket system to minimise the gap and reduce the door’s speed.

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